What’s going on at Unearthing Detroit (5/26-5/30)

This week, Katie and Kaitlin helped the new members of the team settle into their roles on the project.

Mark working on a 3D image while Katie continues preparing for this Sunday’s event

On Tuesday, both Katies worked in the lab.

Katie Korth worked on a newsletter update and created a poster for this Sunday’s Annual Historic Home and Garden Tour in Corktown.   The Workers’ Row House, built in 1849 and the site of a Wayne State archaeology excavation starting in 2006, will be featured.  Wayne State Archaeologists will be on hand to answer all questions as well as show off some artifacts used by nineteenth century working class Detroiters.  Tuesday was an extra exciting day as we were the feature story in Today at Wayne, a daily e-mail distributed to Wayne State students. 

Kaitlin Scharra continued setting up our social media and investigating other public archaeology programs.  A blog on her strategies was posted earlier this week. You can view it here.

Mark Jazayeri continued working with our 3D imaging software on Wednesday and we were all very excited to start seeing some of the images come to life.  By using the Photo Archaeology TurnTable, or PATT, Mark was able to produce a mapping image of one our artifacts from the RenCen dig- a spoon from the Berthelet Property.

Multiple cuts from a long bone suggest that they were not for consumption but instead for practice perhaps by a butcher’s apprentice.

Volunteer Sarah Beste worked on cleaning some faunal remains from the 1973 Renaissance Center Excavation.  We found some interesting cuts that show us there was training at a butcher’s shop.

We have been so appreciative of all the support and interest our first week online has brought us!  We will do our best to keep everyone up to date and inform on our work and events!


Next week, we will have a post describing the excavation that took place in the 1970s that is the focus of our work so far on the Unearthing Detroit project.  We will also being sharing with you the outcome of our Corktown Historical Home and Gardens Tour event.  In the meantime you can follow us live via twitter or facebook.

What’s going on at Unearthing Detroit (5/26-5/30) by Unearthing Detroit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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