Summer Team Showcase

Our summer research on the Unearthing Detroit Project has kicked off here at Wayne State University and with it comes some new initiatives and team members.

We are reformatting the way we post. Look forward to two main types of blogs:
(1) Series posts – weekly updates that follow the project’s progress
and (2) Topic posts – bi-monthly in-depth discussions about our research findings
Topic posts will appear every other Thursday beginning July 10th, while the series will be available every Tuesday.

Before we premiere our summer blog series, I would like to introduce you to our team and highlight our mission.

Our team in the lab at Wayne State Universoty

Our team in the lab at Wayne State University (from left to right) Sue Villerot, Kaitlin Scharra, Katie Korth, Samantha Malette, Sarah Beste, Mark Jazayeri, Slava Pallas, and Dr. Krysta Ryzewski.

Dr. Krysta Ryzewski is the Director of Unearthing Detroit. In this capacity she oversees and reports on the research and outreach objectives of the project.

Our team is comprised of an ever-growing group of dedicated student assistants and volunteers. Katie Korth and Samantha Malette are working on the historical and archival research at the core of our collections-based research. Sarah Beste and Slava Pallas are re-visiting the faunal collection, which involves cleaning and identifying unprocessed animal bones and cataloguing them into the Grosscup Museum catalog. Sue Villerot is consulting the archives at the Burton Historical Collection to find historical maps that will help us flesh out the background of the downtown area. On the digital front, Mark Jazayeri and Don Adzigian are developing better ways to collect 3D-images of artifacts, which includes building a prototype instrument and improving the software we use to collect and process images. I, Kaitlin Scharra, am managing the public face of the project, which involves developing upcoming public outreach initiatives and maintaining an active presence on our various social media platforms by keeping everyone up to date with our progress through this blog, twitter, and facebook. For more information on our Unearthing Detroit project team and their work, head to our team page.

Keep an eye out next week for a new Series post on Mark’s work with digital imaging and a Topics discussion focused on the many ways we might define archaeology.


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