Artifact Showcase

Due to popular demand, we will be sharing various artifacts from our two principal sites: The Renaissance Center and Roosevelt Park. Please choose which one you would like to explore by using the drop-down menu above. Artifacts will be released in groups of about 10 alternating the two sites. Each new group will be added to the existing gallery, and we encourage you to check back often for new items. Please comment with further questions and let us know your favorite artifact.

Renaissance Center 

The Renaissance Center site was excavated in the early 1970s concurrent with the building’s construction. Recently the artifacts have been reorganized and researched. These material remains belonged to a variety of people from wealthy landowners to blue collar industrial workers and boarding homes. Artifacts showcased here were recovered from “Sectors” A-K. Use the map below to see where they were found in relation to today’s GM Renaissance Center Building.


Roosevelt Park

Excavation of the Roosevelt Park site began in 2011 with the most recent excavation this past fall. This area of a working-class Irish neighborhood removed during the construction of Michigan Central Depot. Artifacts range from everyday toiletries to ceramics brought from individual’s home countries. Artifacts reflect the changing landscape from neighborhood in the 1800s through the current use as a park today.

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